ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)
ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)

ComfyBra™ ( 1+1 free)

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 Get 2 bras for the price of 1 for a limited time!

So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing a bra!

Our ComfyBra™ offers ultimate comfort, impeccable coverage and unfettered freedom of movement. It's an essential addition to any wardrobe. It's designed to help you maintain correct posture and a straight back. This bra is incredibly soft, with no underwire, no strain and no friction points. It feels light and soft against your skin, while providing multidirectional support. Best of all, you'll forget you're even wearing a bra. It's ideal as a relaxation bra, night bra or training bra.


Why should you choose our ComfyBra™?

✅ Optimal comfort: With no straps, seams or tight bands, this bra offers unrivalled comfort without painful friction points.

✅ Perfect coverage: the natural cup design offers 360-degree coverage and support, striking the perfect balance between attractive breast shape and secure coverage.



✅ Breathable and stretchy: Made only from pure, high-quality materials, it's highly flexible, breathable and easy to clean. It keeps you cool all day long.

✅ Improves posture: Many women suffer from back pain due to poor posture. Our bra offers a good grip and promotes correct posture, sculpting your body beautifully.


✅ No back fat and seamless: The wide back band instantly conceals any back fat, giving you a back-fat-free appearance. It's imperceptible under clothing.




Material: polyester, nylon


    Size Chart

    Size US Chest Size
    S 32C,32D,34A,34B 29.2-30.3
    M 34C,36A,36B 30.7-31.9
    L 34D,36C,38A,38B 32.3-33.5
    XL 36D,38C 33.9-35.1
    XXL 38D,40C 35.5-37.0

    Includes: 2 Comfybras

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